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FROWNLAND AVAILABLE on DVD  [standard & limited edition]
Limited Edition includes:
The Dregs:  Foul snippets of discarded footage dubiously scraped off the cutting room floor. Sure to diminish one's overall impression of the work proper!
Original Soundtrack on Vinyl: Lp of actor/composer Paul Grimstad's queasy score. Devised to gather dust and take up unnecessary space in your small, record-playerless apartment.
Don't Look at Me: A smudged-to-shit, hand scrawled mini-comic drawn by Laura to degrade (and justify her abject alienation from) the cretins inhabiting her highschool. Basically, a collection of crude mean-spirited drawings of people that don't even know she exists. Pathetic?
Dung Heaps of Compulsion: Excerpts from an insufferably long-winded email exchange between Keith and Charles. Chicken-hearted desperation vs. rank contempt. Nobody wins.
Poster: Frownland cover-art printed on glorious newsprint. Place it in the sun and watch it yellow!
Certified Garbage: A random scrap of celluloid from the original 16mm work-print. Tape it to your window and ruin the view...or buy several thousand copies and reconstruct the entire film!

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Take note: The Museum of Modern Art will be unveiling a new 35mm print of Frownland as part of their 'recent acquisitions' series this August. Likely to be the last public presentation of the work in the NY area for many decades. Put up, show up, throw up. Two chances:

Friday, August 14, 2009, 4:00 p.m.
Saturday, August 15, 2009, 7:30 p.m.



Finally, a DVD distributor rears its head! Release date set for september. Follow the link for more info.



Frownland returns this month to the illustriously homegrown and heartbreaking Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles. This venue is on a mission, people; waging a violent crusade against the Hollywood imperialism pawing at your very consciousness. Take stock!


April 23rd: 9:45pm
April 24th: 7:30pm, Midnight
April 25th: 5pm, 9:30pm
April 26th: 5pm, 9:30pm

The Silent Movie Theater is located at 611 N Fairfax Avenue.



And now...a special treat for those of you obsessed with the vicious, grotesque little ways we human beings mistreat one another. Yes...YEAST!

Frownland co-star Mary Bronstein's award winning directorial debut is now available for d-d-d-d-d-digital download via Itunes and Amazon

Hailed by the New Yorker. Hated by the rest. YEAST!



Read what the Cahiers Du Cinema has to say



After unceremonious rebuffs from both the Chicago International and Chicago Underground film festivals, Frownland will worm its way into the Big Onion this August with a weeklong engagement at Facets.

From the Facets program calendar:

"This is personal cinema at its most uncompromising and fierce" -New York Times

"This amazingly accomplished first feature...throbs with the energy and vision that independent filmmaking is all about" -New Yorker

"There is some kind of demented brilliance at work here" -Village Voice

Fri., Aug. 8th at 7 & 9 pm
Sat.-Sun., Aug. 9-10th at 3, 5, 7 & 9 pm
Mon.-Thurs., August 11-14th at 7 & 9 pm

More details here...


Frownland Embalmed!

This just in: Both the Harvard Film Archives and the Museum of Modern Art have purchased 35mm prints of Frownland for their permanent collections. Joining ranks with other questionable acquisitions (e.g. wet toilet paper sculptures, dried macaroni art), this surprising turn of events represents for us a genuine stab at immortality. Yes, healthy men and woman from the far future will one day have the opportunity to avoid random screenings of a long forgotten artifact!


The c-c-c-c-c-critcs corner!

It's funny how validation - from even the most debased source - can suddenly fill one with a sense of mastery over every single living creature on the planet! Sadly, the sensation is short-lived. But quick, while it lasts...

The New York Times:

The New Yorker:

The Village Voice:,350954,350954,20.html

Entertainment Weekly:,,20183715,00.html


Heads up, creeps! Frownland will be kicking off its one-week-run at the IFC Center in NYC on March 7th. Cast and crew in attendance for select weekend shows. Bring rocks!

From the IFC press release:

FROWNLAND, Ronald Bronstein's feature debut and winner of a Special Jury Prize at the SXSW Film Festival and the Gotham Awards' "Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You" prize, will open for an exclusive one-week engagement Friday, March 7 at IFC Center.

FROWNLAND traces the painfully awkward existence of Keith Sontag (Dore Mann, in an astonishingly raw performance), a self-described "troll from under the bridge" who spends his days selling coupons door-to-door and his evenings trapped in a squalid apartment situated in some particularly hellish outer ring of New York.

Cited for its "singularity of vision" by the SXSW jury, FROWNLAND was lauded by Filmmaker magazine's David Lowery as "A grimy, manic masterpiece of black comedy that buries its humor beneath layers of egregious discomfort… one of the most confrontational and uncompromising visions to emerge from the American independent scene in recent memory."

Bronstein, in his director's statement, calls the film "a jagged little pill of a movie, in turns scary and strayed, honest and threatening, funny, frustrating and frazzled. My own small contribution to the sinking barge of the 16mm indie film model; both an overripe tomato lobbed with spazmo inaccuracy at the spotless surface of the silver screen and a mad valentine to the craggy tradition of unadulterated cheap-o-independent expression."

Named one of the "25 New Faces of Independent Film" in Filmmaker's 2007 edition of their annual survey of the indie film landscape and nominated for the "Someone to Watch" Award at the upcoming 2008 Independent Spirit Awards, Bronstein also works as a projectionist for various New York arthouses. He financed FROWNLAND with his own savings, taking five years to shoot and complete the film. It is his first feature.

USA. Running time: 106 minutes. Not Rated. A Frownland, Inc. release.

IFC Center, 323 Avenue of the Americas at West 3rd Street, box office: 212 924-7771. For showtimes, advance tickets, and more information, visit


What a boon! Last night, Frownland won the Gotham's prestigious 'Best Film Not Playing at a Theatre Near You' Award. A new plateau? The summit? Where will it go? Where will it end? Who knows? Who cares? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Frownland director Ronald Bronstein has been officially nominated for the Independent Spirit's 'Someone to Watch' Award. Winner to be announced l-l-l-l-live on IFC Saturday, February 23rd, 2008. Scary!


The great leap forward! Yes, Frownland has been picked up for theatrical distribution in France by the fine people over at Pierre Grise Distribution. Having handled past work by the rarified likes of Jaques Rivette, Jean-Marie Straub and Bela Tarr, Grise is now going to stick its fastidious foot in the gutter by releasing Frownland throughout France in the Spring/Summer of 2008. God help them.


In spite of heated protests from irate bloggers and venerated festival tastemakers, Frownland will be screening at the Museum of Modern Art in nyc this November. From the MoMA program notes:

"Frownland. 2007. USA. Written and directed by Ronald Bronstein. A self-described "troll from under the bridge," the painfully awkward Keith Sontag spends his days selling coupons door-to-door and his evenings trapped in a squalid apartment situated in some particularly hellish outer ring of New York. With the most basic elements of human communication a struggle, Sontag lurches through an uncaring city, attempting to aid a suicidal friend, evict an unctuous roommate, and simply attain some measure of self-respect. With Frownland, Bronstein has made a bold and bracing film that is both a hilarious black comedy and a ragged love letter to an earlier era of independent film. Both the film and its singular hero are raw, confrontational, and, finally, unforgettable. 106 min."

Screening dates & times:

Saturday, Nov.17th @ 4:30pm as part of the Gotham Awards 'Best Film Not Playing at a Theatre Near You' series.

and again on...

Monday, Nov.19th @ 7:00pm as part of MoMA's new 'Modern Monday' series, a program explicitly designed to showcase challenging, confrontation work.


Oh my. Frownland has just been nominated for a Gotham Award in the 'Best Film Not Playing at a Theatre Near You' category. Winner to be determined on November 27th!


What a windbag! Yes, Frownland director Ronald Bronstein's lengthy interview with Filmmaker Magazine...


Yikes! It seems the fine people over at Filmmaker Magazine have suspended better judgement and named Frownland director Ronald Bronstein one of the '25 New Faces of Independent Film'.

Summer 2007 issue. On stands now!



Reviews for Frownland are in. Your kind forbearance as we dust off our bedraggled feathers and preen a bit.




In the name of objectivity and fairness, we'll add that Frownland was also labeled "the worst movie i have ever seen in my whole life" by the much distinguished 'Blog 9 From Outer Space'.

"It's all so goddamn delightful, to be sure" — Charles Crumb